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Exhibition will be opened in March 2017

Date:2016-10-25 11:25 View:252

"Xiamen International VR/AR & Smart Devices Expo(VRSD)" by the International Association of virtual reality, augmented reality China industry alliance, China augmented reality industry alliance, Korea Robot Association, Chinese Electronic Co

       In order to further implement the spirit of the party in the fifth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, adhering to the "development of the concept of innovation, harmony, green, open, sharing, in-depth implementation of the" The Belt and Road "," China manufacturing 2025 "national strategy, focusing on a new generation of information technology industry, intelligent robot, virtual reality and other new economic industry, promote exchanges and the cooperation between the information technology industry in China and Pacific Rim countries. Xiamen international virtual reality and augmented reality and intelligent equipment fair, will be held in March 2017 24-26 in Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition center.


       President Xi Jinping pointed out that the opening keynote at the Hangzhou G20's group of twenty summit speech: "the Internet as the core of a new round of technological and industrial revolution is poised to change rapidly new technology of artificial intelligence, virtual reality, combination of virtual and real economy, will give people's production and life brought about revolutionary changes."



       Xiamen, Fujian Province as the strongest radiation, the highest level of economy, economy the best quality of the core city, West Strait Economic Zone ten national innovation city, is actively adapt to the new normal economic development, focus on the development of digital information, intelligent equipment, new economy, the rapid development of virtual reality, artificial intelligence, robotics and other industries, society strong demand.

       "Xiamen international virtual reality and augmented reality and intelligent equipment exhibition" by the International Association of augmented reality (International Augmented Reality Organizatio), China virtual reality industry alliance, Chinese augmented reality industry alliance, Korea Robot Association, China E-Commerce Association, support Chinese Pacific Institute of marine research branch and other units of the exhibition.



       Will be held in the same period of "international virtual reality and augmented reality, the summit will be invited to the United States, Germany, Russia, South Korea and other well-known institutions, business associations, leading enterprises, experts and scholars made a keynote speech, in virtual reality and augmented reality development status, the latest technology trend and development trend, leading the development of the industry. The world delegates will reach more than 1000 people.

       This exhibition is guided by the market, adapt to the development trend of China's virtual reality market and intelligent equipment market, virtual reality display and intelligent equipment and related science and technology achievements in China's reform and opening in the exhibition, technical exchanges and trade cooperation, the exhibition will invite 20 thousand virtual reality and intelligent equipment industry practitioners, corporate chiefs experts, scholars, distributors and buyers and agents; Fujian local and national "virtual reality" and "intelligent" fancier entertainment oriented, the pursuit of independence; love, innovation and entrepreneurship 90, Home Furnishing, intelligent preference taste life fashion youth; Xiamen University, Jimei University, Xiamen University of Technology, Huaqiao University and other famous universities elite.

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